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Ceiling air conditioning
Split wall-mounted air conditioning
Closet air-conditioning
Window Air Conditioner
Tower crane dedicated air conditioning
Aquarium dedicated chiller
Industrial dehumidifier
Split heat pump water heater
Solar heat pump water heater
Swimming pool heat pump water heater
Anhydrous floor heating
Air conditioning outdoor unit
air conditioning for Base Stations
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Taizhou Green Electric Appliance Manufacturing CO.,LTD
About us
Taizhou Green Electric Appliance Manufacturing CO.,LTD is located at Taizhou city, Jiangsu province where is one of the largest air conditioner production bases in China,. with a capacity of 1,000,000 sets output per year. It is a modern enterprise integrating research, production and marketing.. Its main products include room air-conditioner series such as ceiling type, split wall type, split cabinet type and window type; commercial air-conditioner series such as : special air conditioner for tower crane and for aquarium, commercial dehumidifier, heat pump water heater; solar heat pump water heater, commercial heat pump water heater and anhydrous floor heating system etc. The products are well sold in Europe, middle east , Africa, south America and other regions around the world with high reputation ....
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