Danish Bak fan successfully applied in 116MW gas ultra-low nitrogen boiler

In order to improve the environmental quality of Taiyuan City and speed up the clean replacement process of coal-fired boilers, on May 16, 2017, the coal-to-gas reform project of Taiyuan Thermal Power Company Xiaodian Heat Source Factory was officially launched. After 62 days of hard work, the gas boiler of Xiaodian Heat Source Factory was successfully put into operation on October 28. After the implementation of the coal-to-gas project in the Xiaodian heat source plant, the environmental benefits and social benefits are very significant. It can reduce 80,000 tons of coal per year, eliminate coal dust pollution, eradicate dust and sulfur dioxide emissions, and save 15.5 acres.

  This project uses 3 high-efficiency 116MW ultra-low nitrogen gas hot water boilers in Yingkou Luyuan to provide winter heating for surrounding residents and industrial and mining enterprises. The project was put into operation in October 2017 and has been running smoothly for 1 heating season. This project uses Danish Buck's 3 blowers and 3 flue gas recirculation fans from Wuxi Nordic Energy Technology. Taiyuan Thermal is highly recognized for the high efficiency, low noise and low vibration of Barker fans.

At present, the ultra-low nitrogen of large boilers mainly adopts flue gas recirculation mode, and some flue gas (generally not more than 20%) in the chimney or economizer is led back to the combustion air to enter the furnace. The mixing mode is pre-mixed (mixing of fan inlets) and post-mixing (mixing of fan outlets).

With pre-mixing type, the air volume of the combustion-supporting fan is much higher than that without the FGR. Experience tells us that in view of the increase in resistance after mixing of the flue gas, it is generally considered that the air volume is increased by about 40%, and the wind pressure is also increased compared with the case without FGR. A lot, according to the wind tunnel design to calculate. At this time, the flue gas recirculation fan is an auxiliary property, and it is used only when the air blower cannot suck enough flue gas under a small load. In many medium-sized projects, the flue gas recirculation fan is also unsuitable.

The post-mixing type is adopted. At this time, the combustion-supporting fan can be calculated according to the conventional gas and air addition excess coefficient, and when the inspection wind pressure can also meet the requirements, it can usually be used. However, at this time, the flue gas recirculation fan becomes very important. The air volume is measured according to the amount of flue gas. The wind pressure is generally 500-1000 Pa higher than that of the combustion air blower. The key to the post-mixing type is that the design of the mixing box is important to avoid smoke and Combustion air is hedged or mixed unevenly.

For details, please contact Wuxi Nordic Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The company specializes in boiler burner blower support for nearly 10 years, and has accumulated a wealth of field experience in the matching of medium and large gas boilers. Relying on the powerful Danish technical team, we can not only provide customers with excellent performance-price ratio and value-added fan products, but also can calibrate the fan parameters for customers and provide suggestions for selection. The company's fan and water pump sales department colleagues are at your service: 13306199268, 15370217103, 13338115122.

Wuxi Nordic Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing Europe's most advanced fans/pumps/instruments/valves and other energy-saving equipment in the field of boilers and steam to China. It is the authorized distributor of the following brands in the Chinese boiler industry. It is used in the transformation of ultra-low nitrogen boilers, coal-to-gas projects, pulverized coal boiler systems, heat transfer oil boiler systems, gas-fired power generation flue gas denitrification, power station boilers, hazardous waste incineration, steam energy-saving systems, etc., mainly for domestic high-end customers and export projects. 
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