Milan Heating Exhibition (MCE) view of China-Europe boiler technology differences

 The biennial Italian Milan Heating Exhibition (MCE) has come to an end on March 16, 2018. Many partners of Wuxi Nordic Energy Technology Co., Ltd. are exhibiting:

1) VIRA Vera - Exhibits: Automatic Surface Sewage / Bottom Sewage of Steam Boiler

2) AYVAZ-Exhibition: Steam Valve

3) MADAS Motors - Exhibits: Gas filter, pressure regulating valve, shut-off valve, new product: gas regulating valve

4) WIKA Weika Instrument and LESER Safety Valve

5) Gestra Jiestra - steam boiler feed water and sewage

Dozens of European boiler brands also participated in the exhibition.

Through this exhibition, we can see that the concept and principle of the overall design of the CEIBS boilers are not much different. The main differences are:

1) Subtle workmanship

2) Safety level and automation and intelligentization of boiler control, water level and sewage control;

European boilers place great emphasis on the safety of boilers and adopt the SIL3 safety certification standard, which is a significant difference in boiler design in Europe and China. European boilers generally adopt the following rules for boiler feed water and sewage control technology:

3) The precision, precision and safety of the valve instrument;

4) Application of higher efficiency heat transfer technology.

Wuxi Nordic Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing Europe's most advanced energy-saving technologies and equipment in the field of boilers and steam to China. It is the authorized distributor of the following brands in the Chinese boiler industry. The agent products have been widely used in the transformation of ultra-low nitrogen boilers. Coal-to-gas project, pulverized coal boiler system, heat transfer oil boiler system, gas-fired power generation flue gas denitrification, power station boiler, hazardous waste incineration, steam energy-saving system, etc., mainly for domestic high-end customers and export projects.

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