Nordic wind turbines successfully applied in the solid waste incineration project of the largest pesticide chemical company in China

Wuxi Nordic Energy Technology's close partner Shanghai Jiji Environmental Protection's largest pesticide chemical company Yangnong Group's solid waste incineration project has recently passed the acceptance test. This project is also a difficult task in the field of hazardous waste treatment. Yuji Environmental has adopted a rotary kiln + two-chamber incinerator, a vertical liquid incineration device and a flue gas treatment system, and in accordance with the company's waste information and environmental protection requirements, harmless and reduced treatment of hazardous wastes to achieve energy The reuse of the company provides the best solution for the company's clean and environmentally friendly production.

Nordic Energy Technology relied on a team of Danish experts to provide the project with two key flue gas drainage fans and dozens of combustion air fans. The flue gas drainage fan adopts a corrosion-resistant Hastelloy impeller, and the rubber crucible is used in the shell to solve the problem of high corrosive gas such as sulfur and nitrogen-containing fluorine in the flue gas, which replaces the original plan of the customer to use the American original at a high price. The imported draft fan greatly reduces the procurement cost.

Wuxi Nordic Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing Europe's most advanced fans/pumps/instruments/valves and other energy-saving equipment in boilers and steam to China, and is authorized by the following brands in the Chinese boiler industry. General agent, agent products have been widely used in ultra-low nitrogen boiler renovation, coal to gas project, pulverized coal boiler system, heat transfer oil boiler system, gas power generation flue gas denitrification, power station boiler, hazardous waste incineration, steam energy saving system, etc. For domestic high-end customers and export projects.

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